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Limber solves staffing challenges by connecting users with a growing generation of talent looking to work more flexibly. We worked with them to design & develop a functional WordPress website.

web design for a tech startup

Implementing The Flexible Era

Limber is the revolutionary gig economy platform that empowers people to live a happy, flexible and varied work life.

We worked with them to design a brand new website in Figma, and develop the fresh UI in WordPress. Thanks to the new website we created, Limber has been able to attract more job seekers, employers and has generated more engagement.

startup web design

The Design

To create the best website possible, our team began by working closely with limber to understand their mission: to make it easy, cost-effective and viable for hospitality venues to access and work with a growing generation of flexible talent.

We designed a clean, modern website with a user-friendly interface and simple navigation. The site frequently uses platform illustrations & mock-ups to enable users to understand what Limber does in a digestible way.


Here’s what we did

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