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Inter.link is disrupting the online network industry by providing sustainable, automated connectivity to the internet. We worked with them to design & develop a beautiful HubSpot website.


A New Way To Connect

Inter.link is the next-gen B2B internet service provider, providing better, sustainable and automated connectivity. They needed a new website to WOW their potential customers, and incite trust. 

We designed the website using Figma, and developed it with HubSpot. With our efforts, we created a new website packed with personality and that highlighted the brand’s unique ISP offering.

b2b web design

The Design

We designed a website that was easy to navigate and had a modern, visually-appealing design that reflected Inter.link’s focus on security and sustainability.

The site closely follows Inter.link’s brand guidelines, focusing on purple as the primary color. We created a plethora of custom assets for the website, and ensured WCAG compliance across the site.

What we did

Before and After

Before Our Magic

After Our Magic


Here’s what we did

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