We worked with Vivienne Westwood and her team to create the branding for her new foundation, “The Vivienne Foundation.” The logo was hand-drawn by her, and digitalised & modernised by us.

We created a vibrant yet elegant colour scheme in her vision, and an impactful typeface to complement it. 

vivienne westwood branding agency
vivienne westwood branding agency

The Font: Spartan

Spartan is a strong, impactful typeface, to convey the importance of Vivienne’s mission.

The Colours: Introducing The Elements

The Vivienne Foundation’s aim is to save the planet. We used the elements of earth, water & fire to visually embody her vision.

The Imagery: Earthy, Impactful & Bright

We decided to continue the climate theme with the imagery style. The Vivienne Foundation wants to show the beauty of the planet, and emphasise the urgency to protect it. 


vivienne westwood