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Your identity is defined by your brand . Let's Make It a Showstopper.

Our New York-based branding agency boasts an extensive track record in crafting impactful messaging and visual elements for brands, including award-winning logos and color schemes. Leveraging our expertise, we offer a comprehensive branding package that accurately represents the unique essence and principles of your brand.

A recent branding project with Vivienne Westwood

Award Winning New york Branding Agency

Our branding process

After 100s of branding and rebranding projects, we’ve nailed the process.


Let’s Meet

Let us understand you and delve into your objectives in the digital landscape. You have the liberty to choose any path you wish.​


Market Research

Our creative hats are donned. We immerse ourselves in your industry, conducting thorough competitor research to determine how to make you stand out distinctively from the masses.​


let’s define who you are

Through a set of workshops, we collaborate with you to delineate your identity by honing your positioning, communication, tone, and core principles.


Moodboard Dreamin’

We commence the process of articulating your vision by sourcing captivating moodboards from our team of imaginative professionals.​


Colour Scheme

We'll choose the perfect color palette that mirrors your essence and what your enterprise stands for.​


Logo Design

Our skilled group of digital maestros will cast their spell on you, presenting a range of captivating logo ideas. Typically, we kick off with five logo designs.​



We shape and refine how your written content appears on screen through the selection of a unique and brand-consistent header and body font.​


Imagery Style

We bring in the best creatives to work on your imagery guidelines, and define your brand’s aesthetic dos and don’ts.


Brand Assets

If your business card is your calling card, we'll help you make the best impression possible. From business cards to email signatures, letterheads, presentation formats, and beyond, we've got you covered.​


The Sky's the Limit

We're your digital concierge service. Let us take care of anything you need - it could be a UI kit, a set of icons, a style of illustration, or anything else you can think of.


Brand Guidelines

We consolidate all our creations into concise brand guidelines, detailing the usage and timing of brand components. This becomes a reference for years ahead, guaranteeing that your brand's image remains consistently at its best.​


Houston… We Have Liftoff!

Please fasten your seatbelts and put your seats back in the upright position. It's time to show the world your brand new self (no pun intended).


If You Don’t Tell People Who You Are, They’ll Do It for You.
Let Us Help You.

At our New York branding agency, we understand that your brand extends beyond merely a logo or a visual stamp. It represents your narrative, your tone, and the emotions your enterprise evokes in its clients.

Being a highly-regarded agency in New York, our aim isn’t solely to craft a brand identity, unless that’s your sole requirement. Our mission is to collaborate with you, ensuring your brand seamlessly spans both the digital and tangible realms.

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New York Branding Agency FAQs

Branding FAQs

Here are some FAQs and answers to ease your mind.

There is no set price for brand identity design. It all depends on what the client wants and what the branding agency offers. Some New York businesses will spend as little as $/£3,000, while others will spend as much as $/£50,000.

Yes, we can! Our typical lead time is 8–12 weeks, but our US, EMEA, and APAC delivery teams can shorten this to as little as 2–4 weeks.

No problem, all of our packages are entirely bespoke and built around your needs.

Our agency has the most experience in technology, business, and financial services, but we work with companies from all industries to create eye-catching brands.

OUR New york branding AGENCY’S VALUES

How we’re unique

We’re Born Communicators.

We're open to connecting through any platform, be it Slack, email, or WhatsApp. Yet, no matter the medium, you can count on us to be consistently available and reliable all week long.​

Have Peace Of Mind With Feedback Points.

Transparency holds a weight akin to gold. At the project's outset, we offer a comprehensive outline of feedback milestones, ensuring you're always aware of the timing for each deliverable.

After Delivery, We're Your On-Demand Design Team.

In our New York-based branding firm, our commitment extends beyond the completion of the branding phase. Our adept team of designers stands ready to produce any assets, templates, or design elements required to maintain brand coherence.

our New York branding agency’s recent projects

Recent New York Branding Clients

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood


We joined forces with the iconic British designer, Vivienne Westwood, to launch her revolutionary new non-profit, “The Vivienne Foundation”. We started by creating their impactful visual branding, and then created a stunning website with WordPress.




While the world has tired of Tinder and grown bored with Bumble, newflame is shaking up the dating app industry. They connect users to double dates, and offer an all-in-one date booking solution as an alternative to the stagnant online dating world. We created branding that matched their ambition.


Howden Group Holdings


We focused on creating a brand that was modern, easy to understand and eye-catching, developing a visual identity to evoke feelings of security, peace of mind, and affordability.

Nova Project Studio

Nova Project Studio


To visually represent the nova concept, we used the delta symbol from the Greek alphabet as the “A” in the logo. The uppercase delta (Δ) symbolises change or the change in mathematics, which aligns with the nature of the firm.




Artisans are trained on a plethora of unique data to customize them to their role and your sector & company, and to improve their capability & reliability.

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contact our team

what are you waiting for? Let’s make some Magic together.

Fill in our short contact form for a no-obligation consultation with a member of our team.