How Much Does It Cost To Make A Website?

Hop on board the website creation express, where the ticket prices range from a modest $1,000 all the way up to a jaw-dropping $50,000 and beyond! When you throw in the extras, like snagging a catchy domain name and securing a spot on a custom server, the cost to make a website can soar even higher. 

Picture this: Alex Hormozi famously shelled out a whopping $400,000 just for the domain “acquisition.com”.

Now, while the price tag on some of these digital masterpieces can reach sky-high levels, there’s absolutely no need to break the bank with a nearly half-a-million-dollar spend just to make a business website.

Generally speaking, factoring in web design cost, a sleek, professionally crafted WordPress website expertly designed and penned by a wizard copywriter, kicks off at $5,000. But, keep in mind, this figure can vary based on a handful of key elements:

  • The Size: Just like a sprawling mansion compared to a cosy cottage, the bigger your website, the higher the price.
  • Functionality: Each tool or feature you add, from online stores to membership portals, adds complexity and cost. 
  • Platform: The foundation of your website, whether it’s built on WordPress, Shopify, or a custom-built solution, can make a difference.
  • UI Design: A custom, eye-catching design tailored to your brand can elevate your site but will add to your budget.
  • Maintenance & Hosting: Like a ship needs a harbour, your website needs a place to reside (hosting) and regular upkeep (maintenance).
  • SEO: Steering your website to the top of search engine rankings is an art and science. Investing in SEO ensures your site is found by the right people at the right time, but it requires expertise and, yes, additional investment.

Why Invest in a High-Quality Website?

The scope of needs for small to medium-sized businesses often settles around 5 to 10 pages, positioning the price tag within the $5,000 to $15,000 spectrum. On the flip side, sprawling international conglomerates might find themselves in need of more than 200 pages, catapulting the cost to make a website considerably higher.


Functionality plays a crucial role. Are you incorporating a login feature? Perhaps you’re setting up an e-commerce platform. Or is your site essentially a portfolio, aimed at showcasing your business and enticing prospective clients? 

The complexity of functionality directly influences the need for bespoke coding, thereby elevating the cost.


The choice of platform is paramount. Certain agencies specialize in constructing websites using comprehensive solutions like Webflow, Wix Studio, or Framer. Meanwhile, some developers prefer crafting their sites entirely from the ground up. Because of the expertise needed for both, they will drastically increase the cost to make your website.

Our WordPress websites find a happy medium. We employ premium themes alongside tailored coding, ensuring your site is both swiftly developed and optimized for peak performance. 

Most importantly, this approach ensures that the cost to make your website remains manageable and does not skyrocket.

UI Design

Mastering UI design, a significant part of overall web design cost, is a complex challenge. It requires a designer to seamlessly integrate your brand’s essence with the website’s objectives. 

Too much emphasis on traditional design might render your site obsolete and lackluster, whereas excessively innovative design, brimming with elaborate animations and graphics, could diminish conversion rates and slow down loading times – not to mention the cost implications. 

Our mission is to strike the ideal harmony, ensuring your website not only looks stunning but also operates exactly as intended!

Hosting/ Management

The cost to make a website, including web design cost, relies significantly on the choice of hosting—whether self-hosted or on major platforms like GoDaddy. Opting for managed hosting might be pricier, but it offers substantial advantages. 

You benefit from a dedicated team monitoring your site, conducting monthly backups, and optimizing site performance. Additionally, an account manager will be at your disposal for any updates or changes you wish to implement. 


Many websites fall short in being search engine optimized, a crucial misstep when it comes to standing out online and amongst your competitors. 

For your site to truly resonate and generate leads, it must surface in search results when users look up anything connected to your business. This process, known as organic traffic, stands as a fundamental pillar in the realm of lead generation.

Custom Features & Integrations

Expanding your website’s functionality with custom features or special integrations, which are factored into website design prices, can significantly enhance user experience and engagement. 

Whether it’s integrating with CRM systems, incorporating advanced analytics, or adding interactive elements, these customizations require specialized development efforts. 

The complexity and uniqueness of these features can directly impact the cost to make a website, as they may require more time and expertise to implement effectively. However, they offer a way to distinguish your site, providing a tailored experience to your audience and potentially driving more business value.

Training & Support

Once your website is up and running, understanding how to manage it, a consideration that reflects in the overall website design prices, is crucial. Many agencies offer training sessions and ongoing support to help you and your team navigate the backend of your website efficiently. 

This can include content management training, how to apply updates, and troubleshooting common issues. While this might increase the initial cost, having the knowledge and resources to maintain your website can save you money and headaches in the long run.

Post-Launch Marketing & Promotion

Building a fantastic website is just the beginning. 

To truly capitalize on your investment, consider the costs associated with post-launch marketing and promotion. This can range from search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns, social media advertising, email marketing efforts, and more. 

These strategies help drive traffic to your new site, increase brand awareness, and ultimately, contribute to your business goals. 

While not directly tied to the development costs, allocating budget for marketing and promotion is essential for maximizing the return on your website investment.

Why Should I Use A Web Design Agency?

You might wonder, “Aren’t freelancers more budget-friendly? I came across a Fiverr gig offering to craft a professional website for just a few hundred dollars!” True, they are more economical, but there are caveats to consider.

Securing a comprehensive web design package at such a bargain—a package that includes top-notch UX design, UI design, copywriting, conversion optimization, SEO, and advanced development—is impossible.

No Future Complications

Opting for a lower-cost solution now could lead to greater expenses later on. Websites on the cheaper end often suffer from issues like inefficient coding, terrible back-end setup, poor optimization, disappointing conversion rates, and sluggish loading times. 

Smooth Project Management

Don’t overlook the importance of project management. When working with a freelancer, you’re often required to have a deep understanding of the site’s inner workings and will need to micromanage every project detail. 

Unfortunately, many encounter issues only a few months or even years later, discovering insurmountable challenges due to poorly written code, data breaches from inadequate security measures, and slow loading times that deter visitors. 

These problems not only hamper the user experience but can also significantly impact your site’s search engine ranking and, ultimately, your business’s bottom line. Furthermore, rectifying these issues often requires additional investments, either to overhaul the website entirely or to patch up deficiencies, which can cumulatively exceed the cost of hiring a professional agency from the start. 

Opting for a reputable web design agency upfront can save you from these pitfalls by ensuring that your website is built on a solid foundation, with security, performance, scalability, and transparent web design cost in mind.

Systematic & Structured Approach

Web design agencies, like Burst Digital, function like finely tuned engines. We’re engineered to develop superior websites at a fair price. Our full web design teams consist of copywriters, UI designers, graphic designers, and marketing specialists, all working together to ensure your web design journey is seamless from the get-go.

A Team Advantage

Given our diverse and expansive team of skilled experts, our projects extend beyond mere website creation.

To align your digital footprint with your brand’s voice, our web design crew joins forces with our in-house branding aficionados, wordsmiths, and researchers.

Merging UI and graphic design requires years to master each craft. Fortunately, we’re well-versed in both, enabling us to create visually captivating sites with bespoke graphics.

We recognize the critical need for purpose-driven design. By marrying web design expertise with marketing knowledge, customer journey analysis, and deep research, we ensure your site isn’t just aesthetically pleasing but also strategically poised to enhance your marketing efforts and customer conversions.

This level of integrated expertise and collaborative effort is nearly impossible for freelancers to replicate, as they typically work alone, limiting the breadth and depth of advantages they can provide.

To sum it up, while the cost of making a website can vary widely based on factors like size, functionality, platform, design, hosting, SEO, and custom features, investing in a high-quality website through a reputable web design agency ensures a solid foundation, mitigates future complications, and maximizes the return on your investment in the long run.


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