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Convivia is a property-tech investment firm committed to empowering low-income tenants through quality, affordable homes. We gave Convivia a complete website makeover to match the brand’s innovative property development mission.

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The New Kid On The Block

Convivia needed a brand new website to match the brand’s ambitious mission: to empower low-income tenants with high-quality, affordable homes. 

We wanted to bring Convivia’s unique business model to the forefront, so we deep-dived into the brand’s innovative procurement model and proven design methodology, as well as their ‘Mayfair Gold Standard’ approach for building luxurious homes to replace sub-par ‘affordable housing’.

How do we handle things?

The Design

We designed a website to showcase Convivia’s portfolio of properties, highlighting the luxurious finishes and amenities. We wanted the unique procurement model and design methodology to stand out, so we created a dedicated page to give potential investors a behind-the-scenes look at how Convivia is revolutionising the public sector.

The site is modern, visually appealing and easy to navigate which accurately reflects the brand’s commitment to innovation.


Here’s what we did

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