10 Productivity Tools For Your Startup

In order to succeed, startups need to be efficient and productive. Without productivity tools that create efficiencies, teams can become overworked, tired, and frustrated. It is important to manage resources effectively, especially when they are finite.

In order to succeed, startups need to be efficient and productive. Without productivity tools that create efficiencies, teams can become overworked, tired, and frustrated. It is important to manage resources effectively, especially when they are finite.

There are thousands of productivity tools on the market, making it challenging to decide what would be best for your team. That’s why we have created this list of the top 10 best software productivity tools, to boost your startup’s productivity.


The 10 Best Productivity Tools

Artisan AI

Artisan AI is creating advanced AI digital workers (called Artisans) that fulfill a bunch of different job functions. The first agent, the Sales Rep Artisan, fully automates your outbound sales processes – sending 1000s of highly customized, intent-driven email sequences. The Artisan self-improves to maximize their conversion rate.



Canva can help non-graphic designers fool everyone around them with the beautiful designs they create. Anyone can use Canva to make social media posts, posters, promotional videos, brochures, business cards, or anything else your business might need.

There are also hundreds of premade templates to choose from when creating a design. Type your design aesthetic into the search bar and wait for your perfect template to show up. For example, if you prefer a minimalist design, type minimalist and select your favourite template option.

Premium levels of Canva also allow you to upload all of your brand materials. Then, any time you create anything, you can brand it with the click of a button. Canva helps your brand maintain consistency throughout all its visual elements. Another perk of Canva Pro is the ability to collaborate with team members in real-time on a design. The Pro version also allows you to resize your designs. So, if you want to take video content and resize it to use on your Instagram story, you can easily update the dimensions.



PandaDoc helps you and your team easily share documents with customers. It helps you create personalized documents like proposals, quotes, contracts, and more, and send them to customers to sign and approve. Documents can be easily created in minutes. You can set certain styles, including custom colours, themes, and fonts, so your documents have your branding.

The software also tracks the documents so you and your team can stay up to date with the customer journey and provide the best customer service experience. The software dashboard shows you which documents have been signed and which haven’t, so you can easily track each proposal or contract you send out.
They offer a 14-day free trial and 3 different premium plans: Essentials, Business, and Enterprise. They also offer annual and monthly payment plans with a 34% savings on their yearly plans.



Teamwork is a well-named software that helps your team work together. It can help teams track deadlines, measure progress, define priorities, and hit their goals. It also helps you and your employees manage tasks, generate reports, manage clients (with their built-in CRM), collaborate on content, and track time. Instead of spending time managing the project, focus your energy on the project itself. There are also integrations available on Teamwork. Use tools such as Slack, Drive, Hubspot, Dropbox, etc. alongside Teamwork.

It has a free version that includes 5 users, basic projects, task management, milestone tracking, and messaging between users. There are also paid options that include project templates, invoicing, advanced reporting, budgeting, profitability reporting, and more! They offer a 30-day trial for all new customers and a discount for annual payments.

Insight Timer

Insight Timer is a meditation, yoga, and sleep-help app with live classes, recorded courses, and workshops. The app offers yoga classes, 100,000+ mediation classes, group meditations, 1,000+ courses, offline listening, and live events. Teams can also take classes together in workgroups.

Workplace groups are where teams and coworkers can chat, meditate, take a class together, and recommend classes to each other. You can create an organization-wide group and then individual groups for each team. InsightTimer offers a complete dashboard so you can track overall employee trends within the app.

It might be strange to include this piece of software in a productivity blog, but it has been proven that better sleep and mindfulness mean less stress and anxiety. This, in turn, means a more resilient and engaged workforce. The pricing is excellent! InsightTimer offers a business plan for $99 per year with unlimited users!


Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker helps you easily optimize your SEO. They offer:

  1. Keyword tracker: After determining your chosen keywords, see if your website ranks for them. RankTracker can monitor your website and give you real-time feedback about your keyword rankings;
  2. Keyword finder: Use this tool to find out what your customers are searching for. Then use these keywords to bring new visitors to your site. Simply enter a search term into the software. RankTracker will provide a list of possible keywords along with their search volume (how many times people have searched those keywords) and difficulty rankings (how hard it would be to rank high for these keywords);
  3. SERP checker: This will provide a detailed analysis of the Google results that appear with your keywords. Use this tool to enter your keywords and see which of your competitors is currently ranking on the first search page;
  4. Web audit: this tool checks your website in-depth and lets you know if there are any issues. Then it shows you how to fix them. Audits can be run as often as you want and can be stored in the system so that you can compare them to past audits;
  5. Actionable SEO tasks: This feature is invaluable if you’re new to SEO. The software walks you through the entire process of setting up the SEO on your website. Each task is actionable and takes you one step closer to ranking on Google.

They offer 4 different paid plans with a 7-day free trial. There are small discounts for paying annually instead of monthly.


Trello is a project management platform, and one of the best productivity tools that can be used to complete almost any project! It is unique and helpful for teams of 1 and teams of 1,000, as it can be customized to serve your exact needs. It’s most basic form includes boards, lists, and cards. But add-ons can help expand and tailor boards to help manage projects productively. If you’re a visual thinker, you can utilize the Gannt chart and calendaring options. If you need notifications updating you on your progress, you can set up notifications. Trello includes automatic workflows to help you stay on track, or you can create and maintain a productivity tracking add-on to measure your success. It can sync with all your devices. You can also share boards between teammates and work on them simultaneously. It has excellent free options, but there is an affordable pricing structure for businesses with larger teams.



Zenefits helps you attract and retain top talent by connecting human resources, payroll, employee benefits, and scheduling. Since all the details are taken care of, more time can be spent building a great workplace culture that helps employees thrive. This is one of the best productivity software tools for human resources.

Zenefits Helps Employers:

1. Hire talent: The onboarding process is supported by Zenefits. The seamless support improves communication between you and your new hire and helps them through the process.
2. Retain top talent: Throughout their tenure at your company, employees will receive top-notch communication and advanced HR tools like compensation reporting. Great communication and easy tools like these will help them feel understood and appreciated.
3. Stay compliant: Zenefits helps companies complete mandatory compliance tasks and government filings. The software keeps track of due dates and other details to prevent accidental mistakes.
4. Improve productivity: Zenefits streamlines tasks like onboarding, benefits selection, and document signing. With Zenefits, all these tasks happen online and are self-directed, meaning employee time isn’t wasted.
5. Improve employee experience: With Zenefits, employees can request time off, access documents, and make updates to their benefits online or on an app. Improving employee access to benefits and documentation offers transparency and trust between employees and the organization.
6. Reduce errors: A fully digital system decreases costly human errors from manual data entry and paperwork.
Zenefits offers three base plans for businesses with annual and monthly payment options.


Lattice connects performance management, employee engagement, and career development into one piece of software.

Performance: Help your employees be as productive as possible by offering them tools to help them succeed. Tools that help everyone at your organization give praise, remove roadblocks, improve one-on-one meetings, give feedback, and more!

Engagement: Foster employee engagement and trust by listening to their needs and responding with solutions. With Lattice, you can request employee feedback through surveys, act on employee feedback, share plans in real-time, improve your onboarding process, and communicate with employees more effectively.

Career development: Lattice can help each employee create short- and long-term goals for themselves. Then they can connect their day-to-day successes with those goals to see their progress throughout the year. Lattice can also help you make career tracks or growth plans for your employees. It is one of the best productivity software tools for performance management.
Lattice offers different bundles with different tools. You can pay per month, but there is special enterprise pricing for high-volume purchases.



Asana is our favourite all-around productivity tool. You easily organize the project, prioritize tasks, collaborate with the team, and track progress. You manage your project from start to finish in one place.


Xero is your one-stop could-based accounting software! Connect your Xero app to your bank account, and all transactions are synced in real-time. This means that you no longer need to track your expenses in a spreadsheet. Also, Xero can send branded invoices and give you detailed reporting efficiently and accurately.
With Xero, you can pay your bills, store documents, connect your email to download receipts, reconcile expenses with your bank, automatically calculate fees and taxes, and more! Xero offers three different plans with monthly payment options.

Now that you know the best productivity tools for your startup, free up some more time by letting us handle your web designSEO & marketing!


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