Nomad is a new app to meet friends across the globe. We created their full brand identity & app icon.

For their logo, we decided to make the “M” in Nomad two people holding hands, to represent the app’s core goal- to bring people together.

app brand identity
color scheme & typography

The Font: Quicksand

Quicksand is a modern, approachable, and easy to read font, which goes perfectly with their brand messaging. 


The Colours: Pastel Green & Vibrant Purple

The pastel green colour is friendly, inviting & unintimidating. This colour was chosen to represent the app as a safe place. The vibrant purple colour was chosen to give the brand some edge, and to represent the brand’s modernness & disrupting nature.


The Imagery: Young & Modern

The app’s target demographic is Gen-Z. The imagery was chosen to represent the brand’s mission to create a space where you can meet like-minded young people.

Nomad Branding